Automated workflows

Smooth and automated workflows

Everyone has stories about how long it can take to get a loan, a mortgage, a new passport, drivers license or ID, a new car or whatever a customer needs from the government or financial institution. Many have experienced that documents were lost and had to be sent again. Communication between two departments that seems to be non-existent. A process that, in your opinion, could easily be done in 1 or 2 working days, sometimes takes weeks. And just because the employees don’t know on what desk the application is, or what manager must sign the application.

2Share has a simple and elegant solution for this challenge: the automated workflows. SharePoint Document management enables you to store all documents related to the application in one digital document set. And SharePoint workflows see to it that the proper steps are taken to complete the file, ask for the right approval(s) in the proper order. An easy to use webportal enables the applicant to upload his documents, ask questions using a chat function and, in the end, receives the final documents of the application.

Requests can be done at the front desk or by mail, in which cases an employee fills in the digital application form. More sofisticated is it, if the applicant fills in a webform and uploads the requested documents. Of course, if the applicant must provide documents in a later stage (e.g. bank statement), then she/he can easily add the documents in the secure portal or send these by mail. In the latter case the documents are automatically stored in the correct file and the case handler will be notified.

All communication (mails, chats) are also stored in the application file. And because all the information and documents are stored in one place, everything can be found and accessed easily. Using the workflow views no internal mail is needed and every manager involved sees on his dashboard which applications he should approve. And do so with just a mouse click!

We will set up a workflow according to your described process. Aspects of this are:

  • What information is needed?
  • Which documents are required?
  • What is the approval process: intake, check, approvals, completion?

The basic workflow also contains all steps that are needed to complete the file, contact the customer about missing documents and set milestones and deadlines. Reminders can be generated automatically using mail templates.

In general, for an average workflow, it will only take 1-2 weeks to install and configure the workflow and, if requested, set up the secure user portal for the application.




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