Customer case Gemeenschappelijk Hof





Website and portal


3 months

Date completed

Jan, 2018

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Gemeenschappelijk Hof wanted a new and flexible website. The old one was inflexible and did not meet the modern requirements.


Gemeenschappelijk Hof required a solution in which all content could be managed internally. Also, it should be possible to create forms for the visitors to issue requests to the court. And last but not least: Gemeenschappelijk Hof wanted a secure portal in which parties in a law suit could exchange documents.


2Share developed a modern website for which all content can be managed using SharePoint. Employees can add and edit webpages, set up and change the menu's, add texr and images, create links to internal and external content like Youtube and Facebook.

We also introduced a flexible solution for the creation and maintenance of Forms that can be posted on the website. The result of the form is stored in SharePoint and the follow-up us done completely in SharePoint workflow management.

The portal has secure login, and all documents are stored safely within SharePoint.

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