Our mission is collaboration

2Share wants to contribute to improving the world and in particular the Caribbean region. We believe that by helping organizations making things easier, faster and nicer, we contribute in making the world better.

We help governments to better serve its people and we help commercial companies to lower their cost so their end customer prices can go down. We help organizations to speed up processes and bring back joy to the work floor by enabling collaboration and creativity of colleagues and customers and connect people across the world.

We focus on business process improvement using a platform created by Microsoft: SharePoint and Office 365. We offer complete solutions of the shelf and tailor-made solutions on request.

2Share was founded by three partners that complement each other in a great way. Three completely different people that share the same passion and have the same religion:

      • Improve things everybody deals with in his day-to-day work
      • Use technology as in the best possible way
      • Do what you like most

We are a rapidly growing software development company with local Caribbean presence and global delivery and partnerships with Established Enterprises that enables us to solve any problem a customer might have.

Bottom-line, 2Share increases business productivity by automating processes using Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365, but we also inspire people and connect people by utilizing all benefits the Microsoft developed over the years in the Office 365 suite.

2Share was formally founded in 2015 as a spinoff from an existing company, also Microsoft partner, but more focusing on the infrastructure part of the Microsoft portfolio. The current team has decades of experience in high-quality software engineering and business process analysis and combines these two in a complete service that helps organizations to improve profitability and cost-effectiveness but also brings joy to the people that work in these organizations by enabling collaboration and creativity.

2Share truly believes that doing business is more than making a living.

What we stand for:

      • Work with passion and with years of experience in software development
      • We have the eagerness to improve the world and the Caribbean region in particular.
      • Improve wealth by improving organizations, governments, companies and civilians effectiveness and efficiency
      • We like to help solve challenges (puzzling)
      • By creating a platform for future software development we want to educate local people and bring back Caribbean people from Europe that left because of lack of opportunity
      • Involve youth in development process and create new things (educate interns)
      • Embed Vision of Microsoft in our vision and strategy
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