Scan solutions

Scan solutions

Of course, you are more than willing to move to “digital first”. Paperless, or perhaps more realistic: less paper…

However, you still have your paper archive to consider. And perhaps sometimes suppliers send a paper invoice, citizens come and hand over their filled-in application, and more.

2Share delivers solutions for that. Using state-of-the-art Scan tooling in combination with SharePoint Document and Workflow management we set up an automated scan solution. The result is, that each paper document is scanned and saved in the SP Document library with all necessary tags to find it. Furthermore, a proper workflow is set up to arrange that the employees involved are notified.

We are able to set this up for all kinds of processes: applications for loans, mortgages, bank account, cards, insurances, invoices, orders, and much more.

Example: invoice handling

This is a quite common process that often takes much time and effort.

A paper invoice is received and you want this in an automated workflow for intake and check, approval, booking, and payment. We take the following steps:

  • Scan the invoice, simply on your multifunctional device, or even on your phone
  • Mail the invoice to an input library
    • Note: if you receive a digital invoice, just drop it here
  • Open the invoice in the scan application GSCAN we deliver
  • GSCAN uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read the text. Then you can copy the text (amount, supplier, invoice number etc) to the meta tags of the invoice. Then you store the now digital invoice and its metadata in the Invoice library in SharePoint.
    • Note: GSCAN even recognizes standard invoices (Utility bill, bank statement etc) and is able to read and store all metadata required automatically!
  • Use the views of the workflow for the steps in the approval. We have views for
    • Finance to check the invoice and assign it to the right manager
    • Approval by the manager and, if procuration demands it, higher management or Procurement management
    • Finance to monitor if approvals are received in time and deal with questions and rejections.
    • Finance to book the invoice in GL
    • Finance payment department to pay the invoice and close the invoice
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