Personalized intranet

2Share developed a mobile and intelligent intranet using SharePoint. Each employee is able to tweak the personal home page to fit his or her personal needs and preferences. News, announcements, a clear menu structure, discussions, it is all there common off the shelf. And of course, adjustable to the style of the company!

Automated workflows

Every company has processes, both primary and secondary processes. Most often, a document or set of documents supports the workflow. For instance, a workflow regarding purchases or invoices, leave of absence. Sometimes simple, sometimes complex workflows with a lot of steps and several people and departments involved. With SharePoint, these workflows can be automated and 2Share developed a standard approach with a extensive toolbox.

Scan solutions

From paper to digital. That means: scanning documents and if possible, recognizing standard and recurrent documents like invoices, contracts, request forms.

We use the #1 scan solution of Gradient, GSCAN, for the automation of scan processes. Of course, combined with SharePoint for the workflows.

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