Personalized intranet

Mobile and intelligent Intranet for smooth and easy communication in your company

Communication within your company is crucial. The latest news, announcements of your management and directors, policies and protocols, and, of course, all kinds of personal work related information like your employee files, your requests for leave, you want to find and access it fast and easy.

Or think of: who knows what and how can I contact the person I need for help?

And last, but not least: wouldn't it be great if you could customize your Intranet home page to your personal needs. All yourtasks and relevant documents in one place and accessable in a mouse click!

All these wishes we fulfill in our standard, but customizable 2Share Intranet solution. It contains:

  • Corporate news
  • Announcements
  • Discussions
  • Personal and flexible homepage that each user can adjust to his and her own needs
  • Links to Mail and Schedule
  • Employee information
  • Document libraries for protocols, policies and templates
  • Easy to set up small workflows for specific needs
  • Easy access to other applications (menu)

The 2Share Intranet solution is based on Microsoft SharePoint. After the initial set up, every employee can contribute information. Managers can make specific announcements for their own department or for the complete company, without the help of IT. So the IT department has time to do more important things and everybody will work far more efficient. Communication will improve significantly and people can start working together, even between different departments, branches or countries.

The 2Share Intranet solution can be set up off the shelf within one week, the company can start using the solution and extend the solution on its own from there. A perfect example of Start small and profit immediately!


For more information about SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint


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