Working on a sunny Caribbean island. For the partners of 2Share, a dream has come true. However, this great region encounters important challenges. We want to contribute to face these challenges. We like to help companies in the great journey of process digitalization, be more efficient, customer friendly, effective.


We noticed the challenges that a lot of companies have: our processes can be better, our customers deserve better service, and our time can be spent more effective. Coming from IT companies in the Netherlands and the United States, we knew we had the experience and skills that are needed to face these challenges and help these companies.

And so, we decided to bundle our forces and we started our company in 2015: 2Share. A large retailer shared our vision on digitalization and thus became our “launching customer”. Other companies followed quickly after that and now, after 5 years, we are a solid company with 4 partners in Curacao and an efficient delivery center in Colombia.

Who we are

2Share, a name that was not chosen lightly. The name represents what we stand for and what we want our customers to achieve. We want to help customers to share information, to work together, collaborate. And together, to deliver the best service to our customers, no matter which role one has in the company. We want to bring real business value for our customers.

2Share’s base is in Curacao. Three of the partners had a long career in IT in the Netherlands, working for Capgemini/Sogeti, Europe’s largest IT company. Our fourth partner has an extensive experience in development and technical architecture, working for a large American IT company.

The partners:

Joost Giebels
Arnd Brugman
Tupak Rosario
Fokko Scholma

Delivery Center

In our search for highly skilled software engineers, we also looked at other countries. After successful experiences in Manila, we now have a solid delivery center in Colombia. Our engineers create the functions that we need for customer specific functions.

We have a strong partnership with Infotrans Caribbean, which means that for specific topics like hardware, networks and security, we work together with Infotrans’ specialists to address these topics. And of course, our roots in Capgemini give us the opportunity to ask for the expertise if we need it.

What we do

Our main goal is, to guide and help companies in the challenging journey to Digitalization. Our first and most important decision has been to select our platform: Microsoft 365. With great tools like SharePoint, Teams, Power BI and Azure.

“A fool with a tool is still a fool…“ That is true, and we see it happen! Thus, we combine the great tools of MS 365 with an extensive knowledge of how to use these tools to meet the goals: efficient and effective processes and a satisfied and happy customer.

Examples of projects we did in the past 5 years:

  • Digitalization of the complete Purchase process for a large retailer
  • Survey tool and complete process support for audits of a Central Bank
  • Engine and process support for review and approval of all internal requests for a large pension fund company
  • Extensive documents management and document workflows for a large Trust company
  • Microsoft Teams implementation for a large commercial bank
  • Secure Web portal for document exchange between parties


The time of large and long projects has passed. We live in an ever-changing world, and we must be able to adapt quickly to a new situation. Therefore, we work in an agile way and design and develop the solution in small steps (increments). From every increment, we learn and use this knowledge in the next steps. This gives the customer the opportunity to bring new or changed requirements to the table which we can incorporate easily.

Design principles

In the Microsoft 365 platform, we have a digital platform that, out-of-the-box, delivers great functionality. Our first design principle is:

  • Use the platform and configure instead of develop.

The platform also comes with a large set of standard tools that we can use if custom made functions are necessary. If that is the case, our second design principle is:

  • Re-use before build

For that, we have an interesting and growing set of solutions and semi-solutions that we can deliver and configure or adjust to fulfill the requirements. Some of them we deliver under license, see Solutions.