CRM Documents Management

In many cases, companies need to manage documents that, as a set, belong to a certain entity. For instance: all documents related to a customer, all documents in a case (Court, lawyers), all documents that, for compliance reasons, are needed for the onboarding of a new client (Trust, tax advisors and auditors), or everything we need for an mortgage application or a bank account.

Many companies struggle with this. SharePoint offers great functions to archive the documents, but what is missing is a nice and easy connection between the documents and the entity to which the documents are related. Just a metadata field that labels the customer or case number just does not do the trick!

That is the reason that we developed our solution. It combines the power of SharePoint lists and libraries, document types and its site columns and put it all on one page for the user. It offers:

  • Configurable Entity management and even entity to entity relations (customer and contacts, customer and applications, customer and bank products, teacher and students, and so on).
  • Establish relations between the entity and one or more document libraries. In that way: a filter on the entity also means a filter on the documents in the libraries. Just what we often need!
  • Standard search boxes that can be configured for each metadata field in the library: reference date, document types, all look up fields, and of course there is a free text search.

Using these sophisticated webparts in a page, one can easily configure an advanced and user-friendly page in which all relevant information is found with a few mouse-clicks.