Microsoft SharePoint offers great ways for departments and project teams to work together. A team site can be based on a template, and thus each project team site can be the same. That is: when we create the site. However, if along the way, we decide to change the template, the existing sites do not have these changes. Also, specific elements like roles and permissions on the site and the lists and libraries will not be part of a Microsoft template.

This became very clear when we developed a standard solution for a company that wanted to have a team site for each of his customers. Over 2,000 team sites had to be created and maintained. All sites should be the same.

For that reason, we created our tool Site Care. This tool enables a company to manage all the sites based on a template. Changes in the template can be replicated to all the connected sites easily. New document types will be synchronized from the content hub site and, using Site Care, can be added to the proper lists or document libraries.

Site Care is a great tool to keep all your project sites in sync. Employees that work in more than one project, will find their way easily because every team site has the same set up. Ideas for improvement can be communicated to the template owner and, after proper discussions and decision, can be added to the template and replicated to all the project sites.