2Share is the company specialized in delivering value based on top of the Microsoft (365) platform. Our solutions support business processes and the accompanying management of documents. We create solutions that are fit for purpose and have a very good user experience.

Based on our extensive experience, we guide and support our customers in their Digital Journey. We deliver our value by using the modern Microsoft 365 digital platform as a base. We build on top of this powerful suite without the need of creating very extensive custom-made software. The Microsoft 365 platform has a very solid set of features for company needs for modern workflow- and document management. We leverage this platforms power by placing small components on top of it to fulfill the specific needs and further enhance value, usability and productivity.

2Share was founded in 2015 by the current partners and works for companies in several countries in the Caribbean region and South-America.

Our Solutions

Microsoft 365 as a platform offers a wide range of functionality. In many cases, the standard tools and features are sufficient to meet your goals. Microsoft’s strategy is, to enable people to use these tools for their specific needs.

However, sometimes it just did not have what we wanted to achieve for you and other customers. In that case, we went the extra mile and developed a function or tool that filled the gaps between what the platform offers and what we want for our customers. And, for many of these functions, we believe that other customers can also benefit from these nice features.

Our Solutions are mostly centered around automating processes, documentmanagement and content management. Our solutions include Dossier Management, Approval workflow engine and dashboard, TimeRegistration, Site Care and Portals like our Compliancy portal for Central Banks.


Have a question, remark or anything else? don’t hesitate to contact us. Connect via email info@2sharecw.com, call or WhatsApp Joost Giebels via +599 9 515 6635 or use the contact form.

Partners in Productivity

2Share is a proud member of Simia, the Curacao Technology Export Association. Learn more about Simia at Simia.cw.