Sometimes the standard Microsoft platform just does not have what we want to achieve with our customers. In that case, we developed a function or tool that fills the gaps between what the platform offers and what we want together with our customers. And, for many of these functions, we believe that other customers can also benefit from these additional rich feature sets.

Dossier Management

Classic file management relies on basic storage and retrieval. More advanced solutions like Document Management add functionality like metadata and document types. This quickly evolves towards a more enhanced way of working with documents by managing the dossiers with any entity as the key for finding and storing information in the entities dossier.


We often are asked to setup an dossier based on Customers. Besides customers anything as an entities can be chosen, like employees, teachers, brokers, students, inmates, … anything you like. It’s really your choice. This intuitive solution brings together the power of correlating lists and libraries and enables people to store and find all entity related documents with just a few mouse-clicks.

Process aXcelerator

This solution deals with the struggle of many companies: how do we manage the endless stream of so many different processes and approvals for requests? With an easy-to-configure approval engine, this solution assists people by connecting each process or request type to its own route and follow-up workflow. The dashboard shows the status of all requests, so no request gets lost or stuck.


Struggling in keeping all your project team sites in the same layout and set-up? Using all the relevant Microsoft API’s, we developed an easy-to-use tool to keep all your project team sites, department sites and client team site layouts in sync. Each change in the template site can be replicated to all related team sites: new lists and libraries, document types, and views, everything is synchronized.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Surveys

An important task of the country’s central bank is, to audit the financial institutions on important areas like security, disaster recovery, liquidity status and many more. The central bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten asked us to design and develop a solution for the audit department to set up specific surveys (questionnaires) for all (or a subset of) the institutions. In close collaboration with the central bank we developed Supervised Institutions IT Questionnaires (SIIQ). The bank creates the surveys and the institutions can answer these surveys via the online portal. No tiresome hazzle with Excel or even worse paper, but all answers in the database and ready for analysis and risk assessments in visual dashboards.

Time Registration

Every company needs to have proper insights in the hours spent on tasks. Without this time registration, management is not able to steer on important KPI’s like productivity or direct and indirect costs. For multiple types of companies time registration is the basis for invoicing.

Based on SharePoint, we developed a complete, configurable and easy-to-use time registration solution. Projects, tasks, estimates and actuals, due dates, actual dates, % to complete, it is all there within the platform. No need for an expensive and stand-alone time system with this use friendly and highly configurable solution that fits in the single sign-on the user is already registered at.