For many types of companies time registration is the basis for invoicing clients.

There are many different tools for time registration. So, why did we decide to develop our own solution, you might ask? The plain and simple answer is that many solutions are point solutions that do not integrate with other platforms and even require additional login to the specific tools.

We deliver a solution that is fit for purpose and available via the same single sign-on to the user is already logged in. We supply a fully open solution that is highly configurable and very easy to use. Projects and tasks can be assigned to only member of the project and assigned task members can write hours.

Time registration functions

  • – Project and Task configurator
    •  . Projects (optionally linked to Customers and Customer-  Contacts)
    •  . Tasks and sub tasks with types of tasks
    •       (of course, tasks are recursive, so you can have subtasks on each level)
  • – Hours on task for detailed registration
  • – Week timesheet for easy registration
  • – Submit week sheet for review
  • – Approve week sheet by the registered manager
  • – Start/stop a task to record time worked on task
  • – Standard dataset to be used in Power Bi reports
  • – Clear statuses for entry, approval and invoicing